-Creating Trailblazers-

Science has the potential to change the world. Over the past two hundred years, humanity has experienced changes at a pace that few could have imagined. This has been largely driven by scientific advancement, and has brought with it great economic, technological and societal progress. Conducting research and doing inventions or innovations include increasing personal knowledge and contributing to that of humanity, and developing skills and interests.

The current Sri Lankan education system is basically promotes rat race among our children. The competition for the local higher education is towering and because of that students are not involving for any extra-curricular activity. They are reluctant to innovate or solve the problems that the country is facing. In such situation, ideanerd SL strongly admire that, adopting innovation in education can help in building creativity and better abilities in order to solve problems. The ideanerd SL initiative for research and innovation in science has been nurturing the real spirit of innovation among school students in Sri Lanka since 2012 and beyond.


BUILDING, LEADING, and SUSTAINING a collaborative environment in which students can present their innovative ideas on today’s challenges and creating a more sustainable world for tomorrow.


  • Promote research and innovation among the school students in Sri Lanka and to give special attention to the rural areas.
  • Initiate, facilitate and support basic and applied scientific research including the research in social sciences to establish a sustainable and viable research culture for the greater benefit of the country.
  • Address national needs to produce well defined outputs that can be harnessed for national development.
  • Motivate, inspire and uplift students to get international exposure.
  • Launch capacity and leadership building in Science & Technology.